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Low Voltage Push-Button Illuminated Switch-plates for Home Automation


The Knightsbridge range* of switch plates is now available, see further down this page for more information

*Knightsbridge full range available from TLC Electrical

For many home and building automation applications there is a need for low voltage DC switch-plates to control lighting scenes and whilst the majority of homes go un-automated, the electrical supply industry is uninterested in supplying these needs. This is where ADS Electronics can help; with experience in home automation since 2007 we have built up expertise in creating the types of switch-plates to satisfy the demanding needs of a range of home owners, developers and installers.

To increase the functionality, the switches are discreetly illuminated to allow the user to easily see the state of the control or it can simply be used as a seek-light in dark conditions. The illumination can easily be dimmed, brightened or flashed by the controller it's connected to. For bedroom locations where light levels can be sensitive, it can be turned off altogether using a timer function on the controller.

To maintain controllability of lighting or any other functions with wall-mounted switches they are directly wired to the miniserver etc. by a standard network type of cable known as Cat5e. This cable type is very low cost and is usually bought in boxes of 305m = 1000ft for around 50 pounds +VAT. Cables are normally installed during construction of a new dwelling or when refurbishing an older property. Directly wired switches have the great advantage over RF or serial data linked switches that the connection is much more robust in the face of blocking by walls, interference from WiFi or power surges. This ensures that providing there is power available to the system, local control remains uninterrupted.

It has come to our attention that Cat.7 is now recommended by Loxone for all wiring, please note this could cause a problem when specifying switch-plates with RJ45 connectors due to the bulk and inflexibility of Cat.7 and most importantly because of the difficulty of obtaining suitable RJ45 plugs. Cat.7 is only required for high bandwidth equipment. Switch-plates and temperature sensors do not need any significant bandwidth to operate perfectly. Therefore we strongly recommend that only Cat.5 cable is used for switch-plates and temperature sensors. However, if Cat.7 has already been installed or is insisted upon in the installation spec then most switch-plates are now available with compatible connectors. This new connection method will get around these problems by using a releasable push-in type instead of the recommended RJ45. The cable needs to be stripped of all its outer insulation, screening and separator. This leaves the individual insulated strands which will be stripped back to reveal about 6mm of conductor which are then inserted into the connector ports. Should the wire need to be removed, the insertion of a small screwdriver will allow it to be pulled out and repositioned. These push-in type connectors are capable of gripping more than one wire should it be necessary.

The switches are all simple push-to-make AKA momentary-contact or retractive and have a defined click feel. They are made to be completely assignable to any function the Loxone Miniserver is capable of such as a simple on/off action which would be controlled by a toggle function configured in the miniserver. More complex actions can be configured such as a double-click or short-press/long-press etc.

Please browse the available types and decide on the style of plate, the finish and the LED indicator colour(s) from: red, green, blue, yellow/orange and white. There may be additional choices like the switch surround colour, usually black or white or button colour.

Temperature Sensor Option
1-wire temperature sensors can be added to most switch-plates at a small additional cost. Stand-alone temperature sensors are also available should it not be possible to locate one in a switch-plate. Temperature sensors either come fitted with RJ11 sockets for compactness where the switch functions also have an RJ45 socket or with push-in connectors where this is also the type specified for the switch functions.

Order Process
It may be necessary to check the appearance in the original manufacturer's catalogue, see links below. When the choice has been made, click on the prices link at the top of this page. Please email your requirements to andy@adselectronics.co.uk and we will respond with a pro-forma invoice. Payment methods include bank transfer and Paypal.

Screwless plates are for the customer who would like a more stylish look to their environment. Adapted from products available from well known manufacturers, there are a wide range of finishes to choose from. This means a fully coordinated and consistent wall furniture style can be maintained throughout the entire building. This consistency of style is not always available with the higher-end dedicated systems who use a non-standard form factor for their products. To match the scheme chosen for other wall furniture such as 13A sockets and data and TV outlets, we will adapt or custom manufacture plates to suit individual styles. To ensure that any particular style can be matched to the satisfaction of the owner we would always recommend consultation with ADS Electronics at the design stage.
To see the Schneider GET Ultimate range click here--> GET Ultimate Catalogue PDF.

There is a move towards low and mid-range automation and as a result the costs are a critical factor in how far to extend the system. With this in mind two ranges of low-cost switch plates have been created. The newest is the Knightsbridge Screwless type. Click here to see the Knightsbridge website Details can be seen below.

The second type is based on the very widely available and comprehensive MK Logic Plus range PDF. Supplied with up to 5 buttons and 5 LED mimic indicators* on a single-width plate, these plates will be equipped with the ADS Electronics standard RJ45 socket for easy connection and maintenance. The design will allow for the same connection sequence to be kept to regardless of the number of buttons fitted. This means that, say, the brown wire will always be button number 1, green, button number 2 and so on, numbered from the top downwards, no matter how many buttons fitted up to the maximum of 5. The intention is to allow wiring plans to be simplified and standardised.
*A single LED is the default standard for a single socket connection regardless of the number of switches, 2 or more LEDs require two RJ45 connections. For those on a budget, other wall furniture to match these plates is available at very reasonable prices from a wide variety of outlets, ensuring the overall cost is kept to a minimum.

All switch contacts are rated for a minimum of 24 Volts DC at 50mA and as such will be fully compatible with the Loxone Miniserver and it's accessories.
Mechanical life is rated in the many 10s of thousands of operations over a temperature and humidity range normally encountered in a domestic situation.
Just a few of the finishes and colour combinations are shown here, there are many more to choose from the manufacturers product lines.
Almost any LED illumination colour can be chosen for the "dot" illuminated plates and from red, green, blue, white, orange or yellow for the halo illuminated plates.
Halo illuminated switch-plates have non-polarised LEDs which means they can be driven by a common positive or common negative supply. Dot illuminated switches have polarised LEDs so it is necessary to take into account how they will be driven when specifying the type of multiple LED illuminated plates. No such restriction exists on single LED switch-plates as there is only one pair of independent connections which can be wired either way round.
All plates in the current range can be connected via the now well recognised RJ45 socket to give ease of installation and maintenance. Wiring sequences are kept as consistent as possible across the different ranges of switch-plate to make wiring plans more portable between installations.

Standard wiring sequence for RJ45 connections is 568B.

Example of Cat.7 push-in connection
Rear View of Morpheus Slim Button Style

Connection Details, Downloads

GET 1 Button Style PDF

GET 3 Button Style PDF

GET 1 Button with Temperature Sensor PDF

GET 1 and 3 Button Cat.7 Compatible PDF


For prices of the more common types of plates please click on the "Price List" link at the top of the page. For Ordering and Prices, Styles and Finishes not listed here: Contact Andy Stephenson... andy@adselectronics.co.uk

Screw-less Metal Plates

GET Ultimate style flat-plate available in 1 button format

Brushed Stainless Steel White Insert ------- Brushed Stainless Steel Black Insert ------------ Metal Plain White

Other combinations are possible like a 2 singles in a 2-gang single-width plate or 3 in a 3-gang double-width plate

GET Ultimate style flat plate available in 3 and 6 button formats

----------Brushed Stainless Steel ---------------- Black Nickel ------------------------- Metal Plain White

FocusSB Morpheus Screwless Slim Button Style

Now Available in Cat.7, and RJ45 connector for Cat.5/6 Compatibility
Available in 1 to 5 button (black or white) and 1 to 5 LED with the option of integral 1-wire temperature sensor.
LED Colours available red, green, blue, yellow/orange, white. Please contact ADS Electronics for prices.

5 White Button 1 LED Stainless steel.
For the range of FocusSB wall fittings click... FocusSB Catalogue PDF.

Custom plates in Brushed Stainless Steel with Halo Illuminated Switches, Focus SB Morpheus Style

Low-Cost Screwed Melamine Plates, MK Logic Plus Style

Click Here for All Options and Connection Details

NEW Low-Cost Screwless Metal Plates, Knightsbridge Style

Seen here in White they are also available in Black nickel, Matt black, Polished brass, Brushed chrome and Polished chrome.

Options are for White or Black buttons and with or without LED indicator, also RJ45 or push-in connector. Integral temperature sensors are also available.

1, 2 and 3 button types are in a single width plate and 4 and 6 button types in double width plate.

Temperature Sensors

Home automation systems that also control heating require some method of sensing the temperature in each of the rooms under thermal control. The Dallas 1-Wire temperature sensors specified by Loxone are in the form of a bare electronic component and require some method of mounting. There are opportunities to fix a sensor into a switch plate and some of types can have this incorporated if space allows. Despite the name, the sensor requires a minimum of 2 wires and 3 to work reliably over any distance, this means 2 pairs of wires in a Cat5 cable which actually means a wire count of 4 since it is best to avoid using the unpaired cable for any other signal. If a sensor can't be fitted into the chosen switch plate then as an alternative a blank plate can be fitted with a sensor which can be mounted in a location best suited to the room layout. Please Contact andy@adselectronics.co.uk for more information and prices.

Custom Switch-plates and Control Plates

Here are examples of plates, on the left, one made for controlling individual room temperature where by turning the control knob a variance of 5 Celsius degrees either side of nominal room temperature is selectable by the occupant. In the centre, a basement water level alarm plate which contains a sounder and a muting button was made for a flood prone location. On the right is a custom plate made to a demanding architectural specification. It was painted specifically to match exactly the surroundings.

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