Design Services


The cost of components can compound very quickly if a design isn't thought about carefully to this end ADS Electronics design services include creating solutions with the bare minimum of circuitry to do the job, this is is in-line with the principle of keeping things simple. Using experience gained over the last 4 decades in analogue and digital practices if a solution can avoid using a microcontroller then it will be easier to pass EMC tests and the like.

Microcontrollers have their place and if the customer's requirements justify one then the lowest spec one that will achieve the aims of the design will be used. The design of the firmware will also be kept as simple as possible to avoid bugs and maintain reliability of operation of the finished device.


Recent projects include user interfaces, power drivers and adaptors for home automation

Reviewing the design and re-layout home automation controller

Designing the layout of pre-installed home automation system in a cabinet

Transmitter module adaptor for the hobby market

Other work includes ultra-low power safety, control and monitoring for lithium rechargeable batteries

Charge/discharge battery monitor for space communications

Large battery control systems

Complex discharge testing devices for battery research

Consulting on large battery construction methods

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