The Easter Island Head Project

Weirdness and Versatility

An up and coming IT company commissioned me to make something with which they could celebrate certain business milestones. It needed to be utterly unique and different. Being the free thinkers they are in young and dynamic IT companies they came up with the idea of an installation in their office which would be statue of an Easter Island head that, at the appropriate time, would have eyes glowing all colours and smoke billowing out of its nose.

To do this safely it was decided to use a water based ultrasonic misting device available from consumer electronic stores. The eyes would simply be two RGB LEDs. A garden ornament company supplied an impressive looking 51cm high statue in hollow concrete composite. Holes were made at the back and the bottom to get access to inside where the "smoke" and control gear would be secreted. Eye and nostril holes were drilled for wires and tubing. A fan was installed in the rear to push the "smoke" through the tubing and out of the nostrils. The control was to be connected to the company's LAN so that it could be triggered at the exact point when the success or otherwise of the company's latest software build was to be demonstrated. To do this a home automation controller was incorporated with an Ethernet port.

Here's what we started with

Here's what we ended up with

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