3D Modelling for 3D prototyping

Dolly Track

The client required a light weight 1.5m long camera dolly-track to create the types of video effects we see often on TV and in the movies. 20mm diameter carbon fibre tubes were chosen for the rails for the dolly to run on. The rails were required to be held accurately and rigidly, the frame had to be extensible and it was to have mounting points to attach easily onto standard tripods. A pair of end mouldings was designed to comply with these requirements. A number of design cycles were gone through and at each significant stage the image was presented to the client, until the design was approved for manufacture.

It was created in OpenSCAD which is a programming language for creating 3D objects that can then be saved as an STL file and exported to one of the many rapid prototyping houses. The mouldings were made by the laser sintered nylon powder method resulting in the shape you see in the picture. It was finished by threading some of the bores and adding steel threaded inserts where extra strength was needed. Height adjusters were inserted for flat surface positioning by using nylon thumb-screws.

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